But, the blindness of the first actor has a significant impact on the final distribution of payoffs since agree with players of cooperators present higher profits in Impunity than Control treatment.

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Advanced Lessons

Allied posts October 18th, References 1. Neugebauer T, Perote J. Table 3 displays the GMM regressions on the choices of both players in equally treatments. Essentially, this explanation says so as to the absolute amount of the bequest is not significant enough to be the source of strategically optimal behaviour. Arrow, vol. Mitzkewitz M, Nagel R. A game all the rage economic experiments. This makes us formulating the following second hypothesis.

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Fig 4 illustrates an empirical example of this strategy profile. These raw fact are enough to replicate our analyse. Oxytocin did not affect the bare minimum acceptance threshold or offers in the dictator game meant to measure humanity. Bibcode : Sci

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